On your mark, get set, let’s go!
Learning with games and exciting activities is close to our hearts. For kids aged 4-12 years we offer group lessons to suit all ski abilities, where kids meet kids and skiing is twice as fun- we’re ready to go, are you?

Kinderland: Have fun in the snow on 8 hectares of modern grounds.

Lift entrance: Exclusive lift entrance for the kids at Saloberjet and Sonnenjet stations (skip the queues!)

Salober Playhouse: Always open, always warm with clean toilets, cloakroom and separate playroom.

Lunch supervision: Delicious food in the children’s restaurant.

High visibility vests: Free for every kid, stylish and safe.

Thursday adventure: Rafting with skidoos – a thrilling experience!

Friday event: … final race with prize ceremony.

Fantastic ski courses for
the ski superstars of tomorrow!
Course information

Course times: Sunday to Friday from 10:15 am - 12:15 pm and 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Course start: Sundays and Mondays, late arrivals can be accommodated, just ask.

Meeting point: At 10 am at the designated meeting point – for K1+K2at the assembly point in the Kinderland; from level K3 at the Salober assembly point.

Tickets: Available in the Ski School Office at the Salober valley station.

Multi-day tickets: Can be booked after a taster day.

Important: The kids must be potty-trained.

Preparing for the ski course

Ski course equipment list

  • Helmet: Needs to fit exactly.
  • Skis: For beginners maximum up to chest height.
  • Ski boots: Worn-in a little in advance.
  • Ski poles: Are required from level K4.
  • Goggles: Sunglasses or ski goggles.
  • Clothing: Appropriate for the weather and temperature, possibly a change of clothes.
  • Gloves: Crucial for protecting hands; preferably mittens.
  • Buff or scarf: As wind and sun protection.
  • Valid ski pass and ski course ticket.

Additional information

  • Don’t forget to get a valid ski pass before the course starts.  
  • Do you still need gear for the little ones? Visit the sports shop Jug Sports Arlberg right next to the ski school office. 
  • Health: Make sure the kids drink and eat enough before their ski lesson. 
  • Sunscreen: Please apply sunscreen to your kids before the course.

Grouping levels for the ski course

K1: Beginners:

  • First skiing experience in the Salober Kinderland.
  • Learn: Moving straight-ahead, snowplough, simple turns.

K2: Advanced beginners:

  • About a week of experience.
  • Learn: Braking on your own and making turns on green slopes.

K3: Intermediate:

  • Experience on blue slopes.
  • Learn: Safely navigating lifts, making turns on blue slopes.

K4: Advanced skiers:

  • Ability to ski on red slopes.
  • Learn: Parallel turns, pole use, short radii.

K5: Top skiers

  • Confident skiing on black slopes.
  • Learn: Skiing technique on black slopes.

K5+: Top skiers

  • Every slope, terrain and powder snow is a part of the adventure.
  • For advanced skiers from 10 years of age.

More information on the grouping levels →

Good to know

What is a taster ticket for children?

The taster ticket gives your child the chance to experience skiing before committing to a full ski course. If your child likes it, you’ll only need to pay the difference to the regular children’s ski course price.

For skiing beginners (Level K1), you have the option to book a taster ticket for several days until your child is ready to join the full-day ski course.

Lunch supervision from level K4:

Please remember to add lunchtime supervision from Level K4, as our ski group goes out to eat in the ski resort with our ski instructor.

Which ski pass is suitable for my child?

  • Born in 2016 and younger: Ski Arlberg snowman season ticket.
  • 1st ski day Kinderland and older (born 2016): Practice lift ticket.
  • For all children up to level K5+: 3-Täler ski pass.
Taster ticket for ski beginners (4-12 years)

Kinder Schnupperticket

half days price
1 half day currently not available

*Multi-day ticket can be booked after the taster ticket. 

**Taster ticket for K1 children is possible for additional days.

Group ski course for children (4-12 years)
Extension from 2 to 3 days €75.00
1 additional day, from 3 days €65.00
Pauli Taler (lunchtime supervision incl. food and 1 x drink), from 3–12 years €15.00

Time for yourself whilst the kids ski

Further activities
in Warth-Schröcken
am Arlberg

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