Different ski course groups practising on the slopes and magic carpet at the Salober-Schröcken Ski School’s Kinderland

Our Kinderland at Salober, directly next to Körblift.

The Salober Kinderland

EN Ein Kind mit Marienkäfer-Helm im Kinderskikurs fährt Kurven im Pflug und klatscht eine bunte Figur ab, während es eine Kurve fährt

Your little one will be kitted out with a stylish safety vest in the kids’ ski course to make sure they’re safe and stylish on the slopes.

A child wearing a comical, colourful pair of sunglasses is sitting waving on the lap of Snowman Pauli, the ski school’s mascot

You’ll find our sunny children’s practice area – all 8,000 square meters of it – right next to Körblift.
How to find the Kinderland (open Google Maps)

EN Ein fröhliches Kleinkind mit Skibrille, Skihelm und Skikurs-Trikot steht auf dem Zauberteppich
Ski school manager Daniel is pulling a young child in a red hat in a rubber ring on the snow behind him


Every Thursday, things get wild at Salober: Skidoo rafting for the 4-12-year-olds! The kids sit on a rafting boat and we pull them with our skidoos. This is an adrenaline-fuelled thrill you can’t get anywhere else! 🛶❄️

Ski race

A ski race participant is smiling as she skis snowplough-style through the finish line

Every Friday, we rock the slopes with a spectacular ski race for all the kids

Show what you’re made of and win a medal. 🏅⛷️ An absolute highlight at the end of the week!

Salober Kids Restaurant

A child is sitting eating spaghetti with sauce in the restaurant

Our Salober kids restaurant with a daily fixed menu!

A whole building just for our little skiers.

Check this out: Salober Kids Club is right in the middle of Kinderland and offers a fun Playhouse with softplay and crafting activities for when your little ski champ is out of batteries. Here they can recharge in comfort before hitting the slopes again!

A child topples a tower of soft play blocks in the indoor play area

What’s in store for your child at the Salober Kids Club:

1) Indoor play area: Our soft play area is the perfect place to hang out, play and let off steam during breaks.


Ski school manager Daniel is giving a child a piggyback ride in Kinderland

2) Safety and Supervision: Our qualified childcare staff always have the kids and the mountains in full view.

A child is hugging another child who’s on skis

3. A stylish cloakroom and clean toilets, perfect for little heroes. 

A ski instructor is preparing a drink for a child in the indoor play zone

4) A cosy heated room and tea-time to warm up and relax after hitting the slopes.