Warth-Schröcken and the Arlberg are the ultimate winter paradise. Find out what ski passes you need and how to get the most out of your stay. Welcome to the snow adventure of your life!

Nestled between Arlberg and Bregenzerwald in the heart of the Alps, you’ll find a genuine haven for ski lovers. It's not always easy to know which ski pass to choose when there are so many to choose from. This blog post is all about helping you find the right ski pass for your needs.

Why are there different ski passes?

Arlberg and Bregenzerwald: The Arlberg region is famous for its stunning ski resorts, including Lech, Zürs, Warth-Schröcken and St. Anton. Just a stone’s throw away you’ll find the Bregenzerwald, which has its own skiing options. The different ski passes mirror the diversity of these areas. 

Why not always choose the Arlberg Pass? 

  • The Arlberg Pass is undoubtedly an impressive ski pass, but it only makes sense if you go to Lech more than twice. Why? Because the Exchangeable Day Ticket is cheaper and you can only get it with the 3-Täler ski pass.
  • For example: a 5-day 3-Täler ski pass costs €270.00, whereas the 5-day Arlberg Pass sets you back €354.00. The difference is even bigger in the off-season. So, if you’re planning on heading to Lech just once, the 3-Täler ski pass is the smart choice, especially if you’re joining our ski course.

Who needs which ski pass?

  • Kids:
    • Children born in 2016 and younger: For the youngest skiers, there is the ‘Ski Arlberg Snowman’ Pass. 
    • Children (1st ski day Kinderland and older (born 2016)): They need the ‘practice lift ticket’. 
    • Children (blue and red slopes): The ‘3-Täler ski pass’ is ideal. 
    • Children (black slope): Here we recommend either the ‘Ski Arlberg Pass’ or the ‘3-Täler ski pass’ with the option of purchasing an exchangeable day ticket for the Ski Arlberg ski area. 
  • Adults / teens / snowboarders:
    • Beginners: If you are just starting skiing, you will need a ‘practice lift ticket’ on the first day.
    • Intermediate / advanced level: Either the ‘3-Täler ski pass’ or the ‘Ski Arlberg Pass’ would be suitable for these groups. Remember though, we can only explore the wider Ski Arlberg ski terrain if everyone in the group has a valid Ski Arlberg Ski Pass. Holders of 3-day or longer 3-Täler ski passes are eligible to buy ‘Ski Arlberg exchangeable day tickets’ at a reduced price.


Here you can find the current ski pass prices in Warth-Schröcken / Ski Arlberg

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