Let’s take on the slopes together.
Are you on a ski trip with other skiing fanatics? Are you travelling in a group or with a school class? Then you should opt for our exclusive ski group! Here, you can focus on skiing and work together to improve your skills – we’ll handle all the rest for you! Go on this adventure with the freedom to be flexible and the liberty to be yourself.

Flexible pick-up times: Your day, your time! We fit into your schedule and pick you up at the best time, so you can make the most of your day on the slopes.

Exclusive instructor for your own group: Revel in the unique skiing experience with a small, cosy group of kindred spirits. With us, it’s all about you.

Meeting points of your choice: You’re in charge of your day on the slopes! Decide for yourself, where we should meet.

Tailored design of the day’s activities: Your ski day, your rules! We accommodate your wishes, be it for action-packed descents or leisurely enjoyment of the mountain scenery.

An exclusive ski experience
for you & your friends!
Course information

Course times, duration and meeting point: Flexible start and course times and meeting point of your choice.

Can be booked for 3-6 participants: Experience the thrill of adventure with a select group of friends or like-minded individuals.

Full day skiing by arrangement: Have a blast skiing all day with a flexible start time, because only in a full-day course can everyone feel it was money well spent!

Tickets: Available in the Ski School Office at the Salober valley station.

Preparing for the ski course

  • The perfect ski: Gear up for the ultimate skiing thrills! We recommend beginners choose skis up to chest height – it’s how to start in style.
  • Own your style on the slopes because style is everything! You need breathable ski clothing, a helmet, trendy gloves, sunscreen, stylish sunglasses, comfortable ski boots and a couple of poles. Whatever you need, the Jug Sports Arlberg sports shop right next to the ski school office has it.
  • Valid ski pass and ski course ticket: Alright, we can start now!

Grouping levels for children, adults & snowboarders

Grouping levels children:

  • K1 Beginners: the first time on skis
  • K2 – Safe braking and first turns
  • K3 Intermediate: independent skiing on easy blue slopes
  • K4 Advanced: independent skiing on red slopes (no snowplough)
  • K5 Pro: rhythmic skiing on all slopes
  • K5+ – the rock stars on skis

Grouping levels adults:

  • E1 Beginners: the first time on skis
  • E2 Intermediate: independent skiing on easy blue slopes
  • E3 Advanced: independent skiing on red slopes (no snowplough)
  • E4 Pro: rhythmic skiing on all slopes

Grouping levels snowboard:

  • SB1 Beginner: getting started on snowboard terrain – the start of your epic journey.
  • SB2 Intermediate: front and backside turns on easy blue slopes – cool style.
  • SB3 Advanced: red slopes are your playground, you master them – unstoppable flow.
  • SB4 Expert: magical rhythm on all slopes and in powder – the board champion.
Exclusive ski group
Course for 3–6 persons Price 5h (incl. 1h break) €460.00
6h (incl. 1h break) €540.00  
each additional person €30.00  
surcharge for each additional hour per day Difference amount  

Even more activities

Further activities
in Warth-Schröcken
am Arlberg

Private technique coaching

Take you to the next level with a 1-hour intensive technique training session.
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Private ski instructor for your family

Experience a one-of-a-kind skiing adventure with your family and our ski instructors.
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