You’re in for an amazing day on the slopes with our family ski instructor by your side. Whether you’re just starting out or more advanced, our instructors will adapt their teaching to your abilities, making certain that every family member has a good time and makes progress. Savour the personal attention and adaptability of a bespoke snow experience that you’ll remember for years to come. Make your ski trip a unique and unforgettable experience.

Have fun on the slopes as a family: Master the slopes together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Tailored design of the day’s activities: We’re all about flexibility – plan your ski day to suit your family’s preferences and we’ll make sure everyone has a great time.

Exclusivity: For 2 paying adults, 3 children up to the age of 14 are free of charge. Enjoy our special offer together.

Whether the focus is on training, fun or discovering the best runs: here, its all about your family.
Course information

Family ski instructors are available daily and offer flexibility! Book your private instructor by email now. To ensure the best experience on the family ski day, please provide information about your current skiing abilities and goals in advance, so we can choose the right instructor for you.

Classes start from 10:15 am or earlier, subject to individual arrangement.

The meeting point is at the ski school Salober-Schröcken or by prior arrangement.


Preparing for the ski course
  • Setting a mutual goal: As a family, you can set an exciting goal for your ski lessons and work towards it together.
  • Check your gear: Make sure that the whole family’s ski equipment is in top-notch condition, ready for action-packed fun.
  • Valid ski pass and course ticket: Check again whether your lift passes are still valid.
  • Stylish and comfortable: Choose clothes that are not only warm but also breathable, to ensure you look and feel cool on the slopes.
  • Fitness and motivation: Make sure you're all in top shape and ready for an electrifying run on the slopes.
  • Full of excitement: As a family, the thrill should have you all aglow! The excitement for your ski course should already be visible on your faces. You’re all in for an experience you’ll never forget!

Why is hiring a family ski instructor worthwhile?

  • Personalised attention: A private instructor can fully focus on the needs and abilities of your family. This gives us the chance to provide tailored support, making sure everyone in the family is making progress and having fun.
  • Flexible pace: With a private instructor, you can learn at your own pace. This is especially important when members of the family have different levels of experience. The instructor can adjust the pace to ensure that no one is overwhelmed or under-challenged.
  • Efficient learning: A private instructor can focus specifically on individual improvements in technique. This often results in faster learning progress and better skiing technique.
  • Time saving: A private instructor can make more effective use of time on the slopes and avoid long queues at the ski lifts, because they know the best routes and times.
  • Family time: Enjoy some family bonding time on the slopes and cheer each other on during a private lesson.
  • Safety: A private instructor can ensure the safety of the family and minimise risks, particularly when kids are involved. 
  • After all, having a private family ski instructor aboard allows you to make the most of your ski holiday and create a memorable experience for the whole family.


How many hours should we book as a family?

We recommend that you book at least one day with a family ski instructor as this gives you more opportunities to experience the Warth-Schröcken am Arlberg area, enables for better planning and overall enhances your experience by allowing time to soak up this special day.

Private ski instructor for your family
Hours Price
4 hours from 10:15 am €430.00
5 hours from 09:00 am €510.00

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