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The Ski School Salober-Schröcken will be doing everything possible during the upcoming season to ensure the highest level of safety for both our guests and our staff. The health of all our valued guests and employees has always been our top priority and this year that is no exception.

By taking certain measures and precautions that have been put into place by official authorities and important local partners, we hope to keep Covid-19 at a minimum this Winter. Working closely together with the Warth and Schröcken skilift company, the local hotel industry, and different sports organisations, we will be updating our regulations as needed depending on the ongoing situation.

With considerate and responsible cooperation, we look forward to the winter season 2021/22. Below we list all the details about our Covid-19 prevention concept:

Updated on 22nd of january, 2021


In general, skiing is an outdoor sport and the risk of infection is lower outdoors than indoors. We strive to minimize and protect the contact points where possible. Nevertheless, we have to take responsibility for both our employees and guests and cannot give any guarantees.


In order to prevent the virus from spreading as quickly as possible in the event of a positive Covid-19 ski course participant, it is essential to collect the correct data from all our guests (mobile phone number, accommodation, email).



Every guest can send his personal data directly to our ski school office. With our new "Online Self-Check-In" this is possible quickly and easily via PC at home or via mobile phone. Your data can then be called up quickly when you visit the ski school office and we can complete your booking much faster.



Our ski school facilities, aids, toys, etc. are disinfected and cleaned (several times) every day, depending on the occasion.

Online booking and Self-Check-in

Ideally, the best way to book your ski lesson is through our online shop or via our Request form. It's both convenient and easy! Lessons can also be booked on arrival at one of our ski school offices. When booking in person, please ensure that you comply with the COVID-19 safety guidelines. The course tickets and safety vests are prepared in our office, which significantly reduces waiting times and contacts



If you book on site, we ask you to take our new "Online Self-Check-In" via your PC at home or via your mobile phone directly on site. This way we get your personal data directly into our ski school programme and can complete your booking much faster. Please note that a self check-in does not guarantee a place on the course. This season in particular, we would like to inform you of limited capacities and recommend booking online.


Ticket collection

When collecting tickets for courses that have already been booked and when registering on site, it is necessary to wear mouth and nose protection in our ski school office. We also recommend that only one person from the family association come to the office at a time. This can avoid large gatherings of people. Course tickets and safety vests booked in advance are prepared in our office, which also significantly reduces waiting times and contacts.


Our ski school office is also open for you on Saturday from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The lift ticket offices are right next door.

Mouth-nose protection and hand disinfection

  • We expect - regardless of the legal requirements - that our employees and guests wear mouth and nose protection in all of our publicly accessible indoor areas. (Ski school office; children's restaurant, Paulis Kids Lounge, ...).
  • Mouth and nose protection must also be worn at our assembly points. (If the 1m distance is not given.)
  • Likewise, hand disinfection is requested both when entering and when leaving our premises.
  • Children up to the age of 6 do not need to wear mouth and nose protection.

What is considered as a face mask?

According to the current regulation, an FFP2 mask or equivalent or a mask of higher standards must be worn from 14 yrs of age in the queuing area and during the lift trip! According to the current status (January 22, 2021), multifunctional towels, ski masks, buffs, etc. are NOT sufficient as mouth and nose protection.

What do I do when visiting the Ski School Salober-Schröcken offices?

Upon entering one of our three offices, please adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines. Please observe the signs indicating the maximum number of people allowed in the offices at any one time, and in particular, keep a minimum of 1 meter distance from individuals not in your group at all times.



If you book on site, we ask you to take our new "Online Self-Check-In" via your PC at home or via your mobile phone directly on site. This way we get your personal data directly into our ski school programme and can complete your booking much faster.



If you have symptoms of Covid-19, you are not allowed to enter our ski school office. You can reach us at any time by phone on our SKI SCHOOL HOTLINE +43 5583 4259 600.

Behaviour at the ski school gathering place

In order to avoid large gatherings of people, we will expand our ski school meeting points. This will enable us to achieve an appropriate level of unbundling.

Minimum distance rules must be observed at the assembly point. If the minimum distance of 2 metres (Updated 22.01.2021) is not reached, a mouth-and-nose protection must be worn. In general, the stay at the assembly point must be kept as short as possible..

Per child only 1 parent to accompany, if possible!

Behaviour in the Kinderland & Paulis Kids Lounge

In our Paulis Abenteurland children are taught from toddler age. The minimum distance can be less than 2 meters (updated 22.01.2021). Therefore, our ski instructors will wear mouth and nose protection suitable for winter sports in order to be able to apply protective measures as quickly as possible. We also have enough space in our ski school's own children's practice area to maintain the necessary distance between our ski school children, guests and ski instructors. Our ski school's own children's area is located directly at the valley station of the Salober lifts and can be easily reached on foot from the surrounding parking lots without the need for shuttle buses or chair lifts.Only 1 parent per child to accompany, if possible!

The cloakroom area & WC in "Paulis Kids Lounge" may only be entered with a mouth and nose protector. The warming room in "Paulis Kids Lounge" is ONLY intended for ski instructors and ski course children for a short stay to warm up, parents and accompanying persons are NOT allowed to enter this area.

Reduced group size

The group size is kept as small as possible. We will try to be as flexible as possible especially during busy holiday weeks so that all guests can participate in our ski courses. According to the recommendation of the Austrian Ski School Association, group sizes will be no larger than 8 maximal 9 participants. At this point we again strongly recommend the possibility of early online booking

Alternatives from booking group lessons

Especially for this season we also have the following offers:


Spend an unforgettable day in the Warth-Schröcken / SkiArlberg ski area. Our ski instructors of the ski school Salober-Schröcken will arrange an unforgettable family day for you. Whether training focus, meeting point, time, ski area or break times: Here everything revolves around your family. To guarantee an eventful day, all participants should have similar skills. Learning goals and speed of skiing are adapted to the whole group. Bookable from 3 hours private course, you are welcome to make individual requests and book the Family Day with us. With two adult participants three children up to 14 years are free.
More detailshere>>


Group course in your own small group. Enjoy your holiday carefree and take advantage of our new offer for you and your friends, family or group (all participants should have similar skills).

Individual pick-up times, a manageable group size and a meeting point of your choice will make your exclusive group a complete success. Bookable for 3-6 participants.More detailshere>>

Lunch Service for ski school kids

In our ski school's own children's restaurant "Adlernest" at the Salober-Jet valley station, we have enough space to keep the necessary safety distance during lunch. Especially in the high season, however, we would recommend that you book the lunch care early via our Online shop , as capacities are reduced due to the necessary distance regulation. During lunchtime care, our employees will wear mouth and nose protection. No mouth and nose protection is necessary when eating at the table. Parents should only visit the children after consultation (in urgent cases) with the respective ski instructor.


When entering the ski hut to the reserved table and when leaving the table, mouth and nose protection must be worn and the minimum distance of 1 m from all other people who do not live in the same household or belong to the same visitor group must be observed . No mouth and nose protection is necessary when eating at the table. Visitor groups of max. 10 people sit. Of course, we will also conscientiously apply the applicable regulations in the ski huts and restaurants.

Children’s ski race and Award ceremony

Our children’s ski race will continue to take place weekly, however there will be a few changes for the comfort of our guests.

The start times will be slightly extended to avoid any congestion within the starting and finishing areas.


All award ceremonies will be held in the open "within the groups" (according to the current status, there is no big award ceremony).

Transport in our Kids shuttle

As with all public transport, we will also make sure that both the children and the ski instructors wear mouth and nose protection in our children's shuttle . Only 1 child is allowed to sit in a bench row (minimum distance 2 meters, updated 21.01.2021). Please note that we only transport children that have been registered in advance. .

Using the Gondolas, Chairlifts and Ski Bus

What qualifies as mouth and nose protection?


According to the current regulation, an FFP2 mask or equivalent or a mask of higher standards must be worn from 14 yrs of age in the queuing area and during the lift trip! Children up to 6 years of age do not have to wear a face mask. According to the current status (January 22, 2021), multifunctional towels, ski masks, buffs, etc. are NOT sufficient as mouth and nose protection.

Guests with symptoms of illness

If a ski school child or ski school participant shows symptoms of Covid-19 disease, the lessons may not be attended. We ask for your understanding on this point, as this is the only way we can protect each other. In addition, please inform us by phone that you will not be able to attend the class.

Isolation in case of symptom

If any of our Ski school children start to show signs of illness during the courses they will be removed and isolated until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up. We therefore ask that an up to date telephone number is given to our instructors and parents/guardians collect their children as quickly as possible if contacted.

Safety and training of our employees

  • The safety of our employees has top priority.
  • Our employees are trained or instructed in accordance with uniform guidelines and regulations on the Corona security measures and carry out systematic tests.
  • Those employees who are in direct customer contact either wear mouth and nose protection or are physically separated from the guest by means of suitable protective measures (e.g. Plexiglas panes).
  • Card payment preferred.

Corona Tests for employees

Employees traveling from abroad must have a negative SARS-COV2 test. Regular SARS-COV2 tests of our snow sports instructors and those employees who are in contact with our guests are conducted.

COVID-19 cancellation policy

Our general withdrawal and cancellation conditions apply (see AGBs ):



All courses booked online can be canceled up to 48 hours before the start of the course without giving a reason and without incurring a cancellation fee. Please note that if you cancel at a later point in time, the Salober-Schröcken Ski School is entitled to charge 50% of the agreed tariff as a cancellation fee. A cancellation due to unexpected COVID-19 regulations is also possible at short notice after consultation. In the event of cancellation and payment of the booked tariff, 5% processing fees will be deducted from the reimbursement amount (however a minimum of € 15).



We are happy to offer you the following options to take your booked course at a later date. We would like to thank you in advance because you are supporting our company with this. If you choose one of these alternatives, the processing fees incurred for the cancellation will of course NOT be charged.

Rebooking : The booked course can also be postponed. If postponed 48 hrs prior to the course date and with a FIXED DATE, the full course costs will be credited.

Voucher : Postponement WITHOUT A FIXED DATE is possible by means of a voucher in the amount of the booked tariff. The voucher cannot be redeemed in cash and redemption depends on our availability. If the voucher is to be dispatched, shipping costs of € 3.00 (within EU) will be deducted from the total value.



Taking out travel insurance is particularly recommended in the coming winter. One option is European travel insurance, which currently also insures Covid-19 diseases like any other unexpected serious illness. You can find more information under the following LINK: Europäische Reiserversicherung

If you have more questions, simply contact us by phone, e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

For detailed information for Warth-Schröcken and the region Vorarlberg please also see: